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Environmental Resources

Underground storage tanks

Under the federal regulations, 40 CFR 280, all UST systems used to store motor fuels must meet specific requirements designed to reduce the likelihood of a release to the environment. At UVA, the tanks covered under this regulation include the motor fuel USTs operated by Parking and Transportation and USTs serving emergency generators across Grounds. Virginia DEQ implements and enforces this regulation under 9VAC25-580. Additional information on regulated UST requirements can be found in the Regulated UST Requirements document. The DEQ conducts routine inspections to ensure compliance. UVA conducts monthly and annual inspections on each regulated tank. Because these requirements generally exceed the requirements of the SPCC Plan, the EPA does not require regulated USTs to be covered under the facility SPCC Plan. However, for continuity UVA does include regulated USTs in the SPCC Plan.

USTs that are used to store heating oil for use at the building where the tank is located are not regulated. Further information can be found in the Unregulated UST Maintenance document.