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Environmental Resources

Regulated equipment

Combustion equipment

If the project is adding, replacing or removing any equipment that burns fossil fuels (e.g., emergency generators, boilers, hot water heaters, fire pumps), the equipment change must be reflected in UVA’s Title V air permit. Individual permits may be required depending on equipment ratings and fuel type. Please contact ER early in the design process to ensure planned equipment meets the regulatory requirements to be operated on UVA property.

Storage tanks

If combustion equipment requires an associated diesel or gasoline storage tank, whether integral to the equipment or as a stand-alone tank, it must be in compliance with UVA’s SPCC Plan and state and federal regulations. Certain tanks require registration with the DEQ. Visit the ER Petroleum page for more information.

Refrigerant containing equipment

Please review the FM Refrigerant Directive and notify ER if the project is adding, replacing or removing any equipment that contains refrigerant.

Only EPA-certified or trained technicians are allowed to perform work on refrigerant circuits following the required practices pertaining to testing, maintenance, service, repair, and disposal of such equipment. EPA-approved methodology for minimizing loss and maximizing recovery of refrigerants shall be used. Intentional venting of ANY refrigerant into the atmosphere is prohibited.

If any equipment containing ≥ 50 pounds of refrigerant is installed, removed, or retrofitted to use a different refrigerant, submit a completed Equipment Inventory Control Form to Environmental Resources. When disposing of equipment (regardless of the size), all refrigerant must be evacuated to the EPA-prescribed level prior to disposal and the amount recovered must be documented.