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Environmental Resources

Waste management

UVA construction projects are expected to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations as well as all University policies and procedures regarding solid waste and hazardous waste management. Any off-site disposal of reusable, recyclable, or waste materials shall be managed by a facility having received approval for such operations by the receiving locality or Virginia DEQ as appropriate.

All UVA construction projects are required to follow UVA SOPs for Construction and Demolition Debris, Clean Fill, and General Construction waste as applicable.

Waste Management Plans

All UVA Construction Projects costing in excess of $3 million or that are anticipated to generate significant amounts of demolition debris are required to prepare a Waste Management Plan prior to initiation of the project. UVA has developed a Waste Management Plan Template (one for LEED projects, one for non-LEED projects) that contractors may download, customize, and use.

The CM/GC shall provide the Waste Management Plan to UVA Environmental Resources for approval at least 7 days prior to the pre-construction meeting. In addition, the Waste Management Plan must be kept up to date for the duration of the project and made available to ER upon request. UVA Environmental Resources or the Director of Capital Construction and Renovations must pre-approve significant modifications such as management of any new wastes not previously identified in the plan or if alternative disposal facilities are desired.

The completed Waste Management Plan, including all required records, should be submitted to ER for recordkeeping.


Training resources regarding the proper sorting and handling of wastes from UVA construction sites are provided below and related SOPs are available on the SOPs page.


Refrigerant containing equipment slated for disposal must be evacuated to EPA-prescribed levels and (depending on size) documentation regarding the equipment and recovered amount of refrigerant must be provided to Environmental Resources.

Non-construction waste at UVA

For information about recycling, reuse programs, or municipal solid waste collection at UVA, visit UVA Recycling’s website or UVA Sustainability’s website. For information about composting, visit UVA Sustainability’s composting page.

For information on biological, chemical, hospital, radioactive waste, and aerosol can disposal at UVA, visit the Environmental Health and Safety website.